Brand v Bland.

I recently got the opportunity to present to over 20 like-minded business owners about ‘Brand or Bland’.

Brand or Bland is changing the mindset of thinking a logo is your Brand. A logo on its own is just Bland. Your Brand has a story; it has a purpose, with values, a personality and knows where in the marketplace to operate, therefore aligning with its customers.

It needs to be consistent in how it acts, sounds and even behaves. If your business has a strong, powerful and consistent brand, then it can increase its revenue by 23%. That’s crazy but think of your Brand similar to a human, (stay with me here), it needs the care, attention and right guidance to grow.

If it interacts inconsistently with another person again and again, then that person won’t engage with it anymore. Be consistent, and people will come back for more.

Having an engaged audience, scribbling down notes, who ask lots of questions, and then tell you it’s made them think about their Brand is truly rewarding.

Don’t be Bland, be Brand.

The video is  6 minutes long with some takeaways to help your Brand to avoid being bland. 

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