A whole 2019 of doing good.

During a busy 2019, The Bakers Dozen as a business was able to support, give and dedicate time to some fantastic causes. Some were a continuation of the previous relationships, and others were new.

Here are the causes we’ve been lucky to work with:

Looking back, it seems like a long list, but most of these come from recommendations of either clients or other passionate people who want to make a difference. Others come out of fate.

I met Uche from Greydern at the Gathering in early 2019. The Gathering is Scotland’s largest event for charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations.

Uche and I were both queuing for a very early morning coffee waiting for the first minister to appear and got chatting. His passion, enthusiasm and work in the charity sector blew me away. We swapped details and have since then worked together on a few projects and have more planned for 2020. It’s strange how like-minded people attract to like-mind people. The energy you feel when talking about how the collective can make a difference is incredible.

A great business coach Angela Mckillop from Win Win said it best, ‘do one random act of kindness a day’.
Imagine if the few did this; it could change the world. Imagine if the many did it… then who knows.

The Bakers Dozen is again attending the Gathering 2020 to hear about the struggles and success the third sector is facing and how it might be able to help.

Plus you never know who you might meet queuing for a coffee.

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