13 facts about The Bakers Dozen.

Thanks to Mark Connolly from Marketing Mavens for the challenge around 12 facts about The Bakers Dozen. As the business was created by me, I’ve come at it from a personal point of view.

1. Pick a name, any name…
For the company name, I went through roughly 300-400 names. During rounds of testing, my sister mentioned she hated The Bakers Dozen name. And so the name was born.

2. I love the smell of ink.
My Dad was a printer and I still vividly remember the print press room full of rolls of paper, metal plates and the strong smell of ink… glorious.

3. Knock, knock, who’s there?
After graduating, I picked some Glasgow agencies I wanted to work at, knocked the doors and handed over a personalised portfolio pack to each MD. Luckly one took a punt on me.

4. Yum. Rum!
To have some fun and drink some rum, I joined a Rum start-up which is coming out this year.

5. Expenses & Disneyland Paris.
As a junior designer, I was fortunate enough to go to Disneyland Paris with a Senior for a client experience trip. We both blew our expenses allocation on the first night partying and still had a day to go.

6. I like baking, no seriously.
I know it sounds like a tenuous link to the company name, but it’s true.
My go-to book for pizza doughs, rolls, breads etc. is James Morton’s Brilliant Bread.

7. My family nickname is doodles.
Since being little and to this day, you’ll find me doodling away.

8. Fact or faction…
Only non-fiction books I’m afraid. My first fiction book in years was Scramble, an excellent brand strategy thriller by Marty Neumeier.

9. Doing good runs in the family.
My Mum volunteers at the children’s panel, my Dad at the men’s shed and my sister does fundraising for the Royal Hospital for Children.

10. I’ve been to the top of the world.
Not entirely true but I did climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It felt like the top of the world.

11. My son Jackson is named after one of my favourite artists.
He’s not named after Jackson Pollock it was just luck… or was it my sub-conscious taking over?

12. Beep… Beep… Beep… My morning routine is yoga, meditation, gratitude, then I wake the kids up for breakfast.

13. An employee of fun.
Last summer I was so close to buying a Miniature Schnauzer for the family and to be part of the The Bakers Dozen culture. Maybe this summer?

If you think it’s a good idea that I get a brand pup for the office then drop me a message or comment below.

In the spirit of social media chain messages, I am going to challenge:

Darren Christie, Sixth Sense Training.
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Edward Lopez, Strut.
Evan Dunn, Riverpark Investment & Financial Consultants.
Huw Lock, Global Rapid Rugby.
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You need to write 12 random facts, then challenge 5 other people on your network.

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