Crome Security

Crome Security is one of the last independent companies looking after your safety in New South Wales, Australia.


Crome Security

Crome Security has over 20 years of experience working in the personal safety industry focused on home security including smoke alarms.

After an initial Skype call around the original brand with the lightning bolt in the ‘R’, a piece of work was undertaken to show the client how the original brand had the opporitse effect of safety.

The word security felt inferior to Crome plus the ‘R’ seemed to be attacking the ‘S’ in security. Not ideal when you want to feel safe and secure.

After some research and further Skype calls, it was discovered that the ‘Southern Cross’ star from the national flag means a lot to the client. Factor this with the 5-star service they’ve offered for over 20 years it became a natural synergy to utilise. A great example of truly listening to your client to uncover that gem of insight.

The name Crome now sits on top of the word Security to emphasise the power these two parties bring.

Finally, the brand had to feel powerful, professional trustworthy and bold but also to show it has flexibility across all channels.

Through a collaborative approach with the client even over Skypes calls, we’ve managed to retained some of the colour styles and elevate the brand to challenge the bigger companies in their region.



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